Fantastic Four Reboot Trailer or The Thing Has No Pants

The wait is over. The first trailer for the August 7, 2015 Fantastic Four reboot from FOX and director Josh Trank (Chronicle) has finally arrived and my first thought is the Thing isn’t wearing pants.

Thing No Pants

I”m the first person to preach a don’t be negative attitude, but even I’m finding it a bit hard after seeing this preview. Perhaps we are spoiled in an era where we get two Marvel Studios films per year where the heroes wear costumes and do heroic things in the preview. I understand this is just a teaser. The film is still being actively worked on and a lot can change in 6-months time.

With all of this in mind, let’s go back and look at the first teaser trailer released for Iron Man back in 2007. This was the first Marvel movie featuring a hero that was B-list at best. It’s hard to think of time when everyone didn’t know who Iron Man was, but in 2007 Marvel’s flagship characters were Spider-Man and the X-Men (with both having successful films and sequels released). The public didn’t know Iron Man, much like the don’t know the Fantastic Four.

I think the difference is immediate. Sure, Marvel (and Paramount) basically reveal the plot of the first part of the movie, but if you didn’t know anything about Tony Stark/Iron Man you had enough to make you interested. You see Tony’s capture, the evolution of the suit and a few good shots showing off what it can do.

In comparison, the Fantastic Four trailer gives away nothing. I’ve read the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics that supposedly heavily influenced the script, but I still came away with very little. The voice-over talks of discovery, sacrifice and consequences. The scenes either look low budget, dark, or decidedly non-fantastic. From just this trailer, I don’t see my two sons (6 and 11) wanting to go see this with me and that’s my biggest problem. Not only from a personal level, but from a level FOX should be concerned with as well. If you want a Marvel size franchise, you need to play the game. I’m all for creative movies and personal statements in a film, but in the end it should be fun. Ten years ago I would never had imagined my Mom would be sitting in the theater opening day for numerous superhero movies, but she does. I just don’t get any of that feeling from this trailer and that is what disappoints me.

There have been rumors floating around for months about this film and how FOX and Marvel (by association) are handling it. My comments are based solely on the 2-minutes of footage from the first teaser.