Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Profiles

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UltimateAlienLogo With the series finale of Ben 10: Alien Force aired, Ben 10 fans now know that Ben 10: Evolutions has been renamed Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Even better, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien will premiere on April 23 on Cartoon Network.

Evidently the “evolutions” in the original title Ben 10: Evolutions meant more than the aging and public knowledge of Ben’s abilities. A few of Ben’s aliens now have evolved forms – or Ultimate forms.

These were first hinted at in the 2010 Toy Fair Presentation when the Ultimate Alien name was revealed and Ultimate Spider-Monkey and a few others were shown. If you go back and look at our previous post on the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien toys, you’ll see images of Ultimate Spider-Monkey, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Big Chill and Ultimate Humungosaur. We speculated the Ultimate Alien was a name for the toy line, but now we know it’s the name for the newest animated incarnation of Ben 10.

With that revealed, Cartoon Network has updated their Ben 10: Ultimate Alien site with info on the new aliens and we’ve collected all in one place for you right here. Read on and find out about just who we’ll see on Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Ultimate Humungousaur Ultimate Humungosaur is the ultimate form of the Vaxasaurian referred to as Humungosaur. He can grow to twice the size (120 ft.) and sports a green color, spikes and missile hands.

Ultimate Spider Monkey Ultimate Spider-Monkey is the ultimate form of the Arachnichimp referred to as Spider-Money. His larger, gorilla-like appearance and size gives him super-strength.

Ultimate Canonbolt Ultimate Cannonbolt is the ultimate form of the Arburian Pelarota referred to as Cannonbolt. The ultimate form of Cannonbolt transforms to a blue hue and gains spikes.

Ultimate Big Chill Ultimate Big Chill is the ultimate form of the Necrofriggian referred to as Big Chill. His ultimate forms adds Ice Flames, red coloring and flame-like decorations.

Ultimate Swampfire Ultimate Swampfire is the ultimate form of the Methanosian referred to as Swampfire and was the first ultimate alien shown in the series finale of Ben 10: Alien Force. The most visibly different, Ultimate Swampfire has a tree-like appearance with blue nodules on his upper body. He gains the ability to shoot fire bombs.

Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimate Echo Echo is the ultimate form of the Sonorosian referred to as Echo Echo. He’s visibly taller and has a blue tint to his outer appearance. He also gets the upgraded ability to throw sonic discs.

Continue reading on the next page to see the new aliens created for Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

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