A New Way To Save Your Comics

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DC’s Who’s Who - Bound Volume of all 26 issues (cover shot).

DC’s Who’s Who - Bound Volume of all 26 issues (interior shot).

I think I see a lot of my comics being stored/save in this way in the future. Similar to the way magazines are bound for the library, comics can be bound together. Library Binding is one company offering this service, starting at $14. Scroll down a bit (on their site) to check out the options you can add to your bound comic collection.

This seems like the perfect way to keep a lot of the sets I own. Many aren’t worth any true amount of money, they hold sentimental and nostalgic value. By binding them I can keep them neatly on a bookshelf and read them anytime I want. Very cool.

Speaking of comic storage, Collection Drawer has just announced their new 18″ storage box. This is the “short” box that many have been waiting on (myself included). Between binding, thinning out and the new 18″ drawer box, I see my collection becoming very manageable.



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